July 4th -7th 2019

“The Promise of Freedom”

Click Shanty Creek Swimming Pool for Meeting Schedule of Northwestern Michigan Area 

The 35th  Michigan Regional Convention of Narcotics Anonymous (MRCNA) will be held at 

Shanty Creek Resort in Bellaire, MI 49615

To register for this year’s convention you can either register online or send a check/money order to MRCNA, PO Box 1623, Traverse City, MI 49685. Please take a look at our registration flyer (good contact info) to help you in the process  Registration Flyer for MRCNA 35

 Have you reserved your room for MRCNA!?!Front of The Lakeview Hotel

 Click here for the layout of Shanty Creek Lakeview Hotel. Our regional convention is designed to have meetings, workshops and other activities to encourage unity and fellowship among our members                                                              

Remember- July 4-7 2019 is a holiday weekend in a resort community- the hotel rooms will sell out and are not guaranteed all the way up to the event!  Please get your Room Reservations here  Any questions or if you run into any trouble please let us (the MRCNA committee) know!

DJ for MRCNA 35 is needed  Looking for quotes on both Fri and Sat night dances. Contact info on the flyer. Thanks to all the inquiries about DJ. We now have enough quotes.

Would you like to speak at MRCNA?  Please send your Speaker Tape Submissions to MRCNA, PO Box 1623, Traverse City, MI 49685 or Send Tapes/ CDs by March 2019. Remember to check the “speak at MRCNA” link for the Clean Time Requirements of speakers.

ARE YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW, AFFECTED BY A LOVED ONE’S ADDICTION? NAR-ANON OFFERS HOPE    NAR-ANON is another 12 step program for Relatives and Friends of  Addicts. MRCNA 35 will set aside a table at convention for Nar-Anon to spread their message. A family member or friend can always go to (800-477-6291) for info on the nearest meeting. This information is supplied in the spirit of  cooperation and is not an endorsement of Nar-Anon. Nor do we (NA) recommend one program over another.

More information on the 2019 convention will be coming soon!

If you need more information feel free to use our contact page or send us an email.

Keep coming back for updates.