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The Northwest Michigan Area of NA, at group level, provides a forum for addicts to share their experiences of their plight and what they did to overcome the problems they encountered on the way. The concept of sharing one addict’s experience with another helps to provide solutions for those seeking answers to the day to day problems encountered with our disease.

NA’s organization is based upon people helping each other. Within NA’s structure lies several different levels of service which allows for the creation of service committees responsible for extending the arm of NA to the local communities. These service committees are made up of recovering addicts who want to get more involved in helping to provide solutions and resources beyond their own group, to other Groups and Area’s within Michigan’s 2 Regions of NA.

NA Michigan Region Map showing all Michigan NA Areas

Map overview of the 14 NA Areas in Michigan Region of NA and the counties they are in

The 9 NA Area/counties in Michigan’s Northwest Area of NA with 40 meetings a week

Area Service & Subcommittees

Area Service meetings are held at Munson Hospital Conf. Room 1 & 3 in  Traverse City, on the third Sunday of every month at 4:00 pm.

Meetings are held on the second Sunday of every month at the Munson Hospital basement at 6:00pm. This subcommittee is responsible for planning, booking and facilitating activities that offer a drug free means of social interaction for addicts and foster clean & healthy experiences for those seeking a new way of life.

Meetings are held on the first Sunday of every month in the Munson Hospital basement at 5:30pm. PR conducts recovery meetings in jails, prisons hospitals and institutions for those seeking recovery but are unable to attend regular NA groups in the community; published information via schedules and the website; maintains the phone lines, and reaches out to medical and law enforcement professionals to provide accurate and reliable information about our programs and services.

Meetings are held on the third Sunday at fifth and oak at 3:00pm,right before Area. This subcommittee is a resource to members and groups in their efforts to distribute supplies, information and literature necessary to carry the N.A. message of recovery.

Order your group’s supplies ahead of Area meeting and beat the wait in line. Simply print the form, fill it out and email it to Literature with “literature order” as the subject line. Or you can just print it, fill it out and bring it to Area.

Meetings are held on the fourth Sunday at the Munson Hospital basement at 6:00pm. This subcommittee deals with all aspects of planning, fundraising and facilitating the NWACNA retreat held in Traverse City in August.

Scheduled Public Relations Meeting and Open Talk at Munson Hospital on 4/1/18 at 5:30pm and 7:00pm have been canceled due to Easter.  Meeting and Open Talk will take place 4/8/18 instead.

Pancake Breakfast with T-Shirt Design Contest This is a NWACNA Fundraiser being held at 206 S. Oak St., Traverse City (5th & Oak) on April 14th, 9am until 11am

New MRCNA 34 Registration flyer with brunch, banquet and comedy prices included – This is going on July 5th-8th 2018. You can also go to the MRCNA 34 page to find out more


Here is the latest WCNA-37 Updates Page as of March 8th, 2018

WCNA37 Registration Flyer “The Magic is Real” – This is going on 30 August-2 September 2018, Orlando, Florida USA. This flyer also explains WCNA Hotel Options in Orlando. Here is a current Orlando NA Meeting list that is always updated when using this link


2018 Conference Agenda Report – Use the following link to view the report and also the literature survey!

2018 Conference Agenda Report Lite – What is the CAR Lite:
This “Conference Agenda Report – Lite” (CAR Lite) has been prepared for members of the BC region of NA. The 2018 Conference Agenda Report contains normally only two types of items for your consideration: World Board Motions and Regional Motions. This conference there are no World Board motions, however there are twenty-five motions from Regions.
It is hoped that with this condensed version of the report we have made it a better tool for use and discussion at your local homegroup business meetings. we encourage all interested members to take the time to read the full report and share with other members the ideas contained within.