The Michigan Region was formed in February of 1983.

The decision was made at the final meeting of the Michigan Area Service Committee at that time.

Michigan Region collectively with it’s members serves the recovery community for the

greater part of the state of Michigan outside of the Metropolitan Detroit Area.

Call (800) 230-4085 For The Michigan Region

Call (800) 801-7177 For the Saginaw Bay Area




MICHIGAN REGIONAL COMMITTEE MEETS  JUNE  7,  2020  @ 9 am please sign in about 10 min early 

                                                         Meeting ID:  94706010558  


 There is Narcotics Anonymous meetings in the Michigan Region

This Website was Designed and Developed
In Loving Service to The Members of Narcotics Anonymous,

Dedicated to the still Sick and suffering addict, in hopes that
“no addict seeking recovery need ever die from the horrors of addiction”.