Michigan-NA.org was founded by recovering addicts within the state of Michigan’s Narcotics Anonymous service structure. We are a statewide committee of recovering addicts comprised of addicts from within both Regions of the state of Michigan volunteering time to help carry the message of Narcotics Anonymous primarily throughout the state of Michigan, and with the audience of the world wide web, let’s face it, the entire world. We are dedicated to helping people to overcome the problems of addiction by providing a statewide website to help recovering addicts find our meetings and local NA functions in their communities.

About Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous is about helping people help themselves. We are a non-profit organization comprised of people who suffer from the disease of addiction. Whether you are an addict suffering from addiction or you think you may have a problem, you can find help from NA. There is no requirement for membership other than the individual’s choice to become one. There are no fees required to join. Like many of us, all of our members have had to battle with the problems that addiction causes, destroying the core of family, alienation of friends and loss of jobs just to mention a few.

NA’s structure provides services to individuals on a worldwide level. NA helps people with the problems of addiction by allowing members to start meetings in their local area. These meetings are free to attend and usually occur daily depending on the availability of meeting space. All meetings are comprised of addicts seeking recovery or help from their addiction.

The group level provides a forum for addicts to share their experiences of their plight and what they did to overcome the problems they encountered on the way. The concept of sharing one addict’s experience with another helps to provide solutions for those seeking answers to the day to day problems encountered with our disease.

NA’s organization is based upon people helping each other. Within NA’s structure lies several different levels of service which allows for the creation of service committees responsible for extending the arm of NA to the local communities. These service committees are made up of recovering addicts who want to get more involved in helping to provide solutions and resources beyond the group.

Sub-committees may be formed to offer additional services. Committees such as Hospitals & Institutions, Public Information and Activities are some of the more common committees developed to insure that the awareness of NA is extended beyond the groups.

Click here to find online meetings in the world          https://virtual-na.org/meetings/