“As a result of attending a few meetings, we begin to feel like we finally belong somewhere. It is in these meetings that we are introduced to the Twelve Steps of Narcotics Anonymous. We learn to work the steps in the order that they are written and to use them on a daily basis. The steps are our solution. They are our survival kit. They are our defense against addiction which is a deadly disease. Our steps are the principles that make our recovery possible.”

Basic Text Pg. 19

Upcoming events

Misery is Optional Cookout
Saturday August 13, 2022 12 – 6 pm

Dinosaur Days 9 September 3, 2022

Click here to download Washtenaw Area meeting list (PDF)


Check the Meetings page for up-to-date information on physical and virtual meetings in our area.

Area Service Committee is meeting the second Sunday at 5 pm of even numbered months – location to be announced – see the Calendar

Nominations are open for several positions. Please show up and get involved, or better yet, tell a friend!

Please e-mail washtenaw.na@gmail.com if you need further information.