• Every meeting, committee, and subcommittee that used to meet in the basement of Munson will now meet in the basement of the Cowell Cancer Center (217 S. Madison Street) in the conference room.
  • Please be considerate and get to Literature @ 5/0 earlier rather than later. Literature opens at 3:00pm. If we all show up at 3:45pm,  it becomes impossible for them to shut down and get to Area @ Cowell on time.

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  • The purpose of Public Relations is to inform the public (and in turn the still suffering addict) that Narcotics Anonymous exists. (jails, phone helplines, schedules, website and much more). 
  • Need men to take meetings into Dakoske.The clean time requirement is 90-days to co-chair, 1 yr to chair. Contact Dylan W. 
  • Kalkaska County Jail needs men and women to carry the message to inmates. If you’re interested, Contact Dylan W. 

Public Relations Handbook

Public Relations Sub-Committee Guidelines

Group Events & Regional Notices                                      

Halloween Dance Saturday, Oct 26th @ 6:30pm, 225 W. 14th St Traverse City. Doors open at 7:00pm. Contact info on flyer. Directions to Dance.

At the Church of the Nazarene/Directions on November 9, 2019, 5:30pm – 10pm there’s a Taco Bar and Game Night with a speaker at 7:00pm. This is also a  NWACNA Fundraiser. Contact info on flyer.