Every meeting, committee, and subcommittee that used to meet in the basement of Munson will now meet in the basement of the Cowell Cancer Center (217 S. Madison Street) in the conference room. 

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Michigan Region Map showing all NA Areas

Map overview of the 14 NA Areas in Michigan Region and the counties they are in

The 9 NA Area/communities in our Northwest Area     

     Beach meeting is happening! Please join us at Bryant Park overlooking West Grand Traverse Bay, every Saturday @ 7:00 pm


For a specific Area Trusted Servant, click the contact link on the taskbar (menu for cell phones) at top of the page and click name beside the Trusted Servant/position you would like info from.

The Northwest Michigan Area of NA, at the group level, provides a forum for addicts to share their experiences of their plight and what they did to overcome the problems they encountered on the way. The concept of sharing one addict’s experience with another helps to provide solutions for those seeking answers to the day to day problems encountered with our disease.

NA’s organization is based upon people helping each other. Within NA’s structure lies several different levels of service which allows for the creation of service committees responsible for extending the arm of NA to the local communities. These service committees are made up of recovering addicts who want to get more involved in helping to provide solutions and resources beyond their own group, to other Groups and Areas within Michigan’s 2 Regions of NA.