That an addict, any addict can stop using drugs, lose the desire to use and find a new way to live. Our message is hope and the promise of freedom.

Basic Text, 6th Ed., p. 68

SWMASCNA – Southwest Michigan Area Service Committee of Narcotics Anonymous

This is the ‘parent’ committee for all our services. Composed of representatives from NA groups within the geographic boundaries of the Southwest Michigan Area. This committee collects voluntary donations from NA groups, dispenses funds for projects and services, provides a central point for public contact, provides a means of communication between local NA groups, and reports monthly to the local fellowship. *We are not affiliated with the facilities listed anywhere in this site.*


October 22, NOVEMBER 19, DECEMBER 17 will be held at:

The Recover Zone 609 E. Michigan Paw Paw 49079

Please note that the November and December meeting is the 3rd Sunday due to holidays

There are Narcotics Anonymous meetings in the Michigan Region


Region Map 

SWMASCNA Sub-Committees

This subcommittee is a resource to members and groups in their efforts to distribute supplies, information and literature necessary to carry the N.A. message of recovery. This subcommittee attempts to make N.A. available to any addict seeking recovery within treatment and correctional facilities.

H & I Subcommittee: meets one hour before the Area Service Committee Meeting, at the same location.

This subcommittee provides literature at cost to area NA Groups. Orders are placed of sufficient size to reduce shipping and handling costs to the groups. NA Group literature orders are filled each month at the Area Service Committee meeting.

This subcommittee deals with our primary purpose as it is achieved through writing. It does a limited amount of writing as provided by the WSC handbook. This subcommittee seeks written input from its members at large by encouraging the development of new literature by holding workshops to complete proposed material.

This subcommittee is essential to the growth of N.A. in the area and needs assistance from many members to achieve their objectives. This subcommittee serves as a liaison between N.A. and society as a whole. This subcommittee compiles an Area Meeting list three times per year (or as needed). It provides and carries the N.A. message to those who may not have heard of us or misinterpreted us, informing them of what we do and where we are available.

Public Relations Subcommittee: meets one hour before Area at the same location.

This subcommittee plans and produces events and activities of interest to the NA member. Such events may include dances, parties, picnics, skating, bowling, etc. Some events are free, some seek a donation, regardless, no addict will be turned away due to inability to give a donation. The purpose of these events is to provide places where recovering addicts (and often their families and friends) can fellowship and enjoy each others company. Part of the message is that “Recovery can be fun.”

Activities Subcommittee Meeting: meets one hour before Area at the same location.

Outreach Subcommittee Meeting: meets one hour before Area at the same location.

Any NA member is encouraged to attend and participate.

We encourage anyone with experience or a willingness, to participate in any of these subcommittees.