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There will be NO Capital Area Service Committee Meeting CASCNA for January 2020

Attention New Location for Friday Night Live.

Starting Friday 7:00 PM January 3rd will be meeting at Sparrow Hospital-St Lawrence Facility (West Side) – Doctor’s Dining Room in the cafeteria.

1210 W Saginaw Street. Lansing, MI,

Attention New Meeting Day and Time for Saturday 7:00 PM Charlotte Hard Heads

Moved to Tuesdays at 6:30 PM same location check meeting list on webpage.

Flyers for Events and Meetings


This is a resource for groups when flyers are available:

Area Service Committee & Subcommittees

The Capital Area Service Committee (A.S.C.) has been created by Area Groups to
better carry the message of N.A. recovery to the addict who still suffers and to promote unity.


  1. To meet monthly.
  2. To provide a link between Area Groups, the Michigan Regional Service Committee, and the Worldwide N.A. Fellowship.
  3. To provide service and support to Area Groups to accomplish those tasks which Groups find difficult to do alone (i.e. providing starter kits to new groups, printing meeting lists, maintaining the web page on state site).

Area service currently meets at 3P.M. on the 2nd Sunday of each month at – Mclaren Education Center (Parking off of S. Washington) 401 W Greenlawn Ave Lansing, MI 48910

This subcommittee is responsible for holding activities (dances, parties, picnics, events, etc.) that are attractive to the newcomer. The primary purpose of this committee is to reach the still suffering addict and help promote N.A. unity. The secondary purpose of this subcommittee is to raise funds for the Capital Area area needs.


This subcommittee is a resource to members and groups in their efforts to distribute supplies, information and literature necessary to carry the N.A. message of recovery. This subcommittee attempts to make N.A. available to any addict seeking recovery within treatment and correctional facilities.

This subcommittee deals with our primary purpose as it is achieved through writing. It does a limited amount of writing as provided by the W.S.C. handbook. This subcommittee seeks written input from its members at large by encouraging the development of new literature by holding workshops to complete proposed material.

This subcommittee is essential to the growth of N.A. in the area and needs assistance from many members to achieve their objectives. This subcommittee serves as a liaison between N.A. and society as a whole. This subcommittee compiles an Area Meeting list three times per year (or as needed). It provides and carries the N.A. message to those who may not have heard of us or misinterpreted us, informing them of what we do and where we are available.

This sub-committee handles calls to the Capital Area N.A. help line. Calls can come from other N.A. members, areas, the public and/or media. There is a clean time requirement of 6 continuous months to answer the help line, and 1 year continuous clean time to do 12-Step calls.

This sub-committee handles the review of information and changes to the Basic text as well as other study materials, and information pamphlets.

We encourage anyone with experience or a willingness, to participate in any of these subcommittees. Contact CASCNA for info.
C.A.S.C.N.A. meets at 3P.M. on the 2nd Sunday of each month at – Mclaren Education Center (Parking off of S. Washington) 2709 S Washington Ave. Lansing, MI 48910